About Dibits Jewel Shop

My shop story!

Hello to all of you!

I am Dina Economidou the owner and founder of Dibits Jewelry Shop.
"Every ones life is based on his options" "Do what you really love, this is the meaning of success", 
this is what I have learned from my life.

How the idea started:
In 2009 I have decided that I wanted a change in my life and so I resigned from my job as a graphic designer,
in which I have worked for 17 years. For one year I wanted to stay a housewife so I could offer to my husband
and my two children more of my time.

But, as usual, working and restless spirit as a character, I wanted to work again.
I could not imagine myself dealing with something other than jewelry, which I always loved and I was a loyal fan.
My personal collection of jewelry from my young age until today is great. I loved having a jewelry relationship,
whether silver gold or faux. The only thing matter was to be quality and beautiful.
In the same way I make my jewelry choices for my store, which I created in 2010. Dibits Jewelry Shop is my third child.

My policy is always to respect my customers in all the ways...
beautiful and fashionable design choices to make every woman an incredible one, 
affordable prices for every pocket,
​after sale service that makes my customers feel that they buy something that will last forever.